Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I remove The Selfie Stick It from any surface?
A: You simply "twist" (turn to the right/clockwise) to remove.  Do not pull, simply twist to easily remove.

Q: To what surfaces will The Selfie Stick It stick?
A: Almost any sealed/ painted surface such as painted Gyprock®, stained or varnished wood, painted smooth concrete, glass, ceramic tile and stainless steel.

Q: Can I use Selfie Stick It on freshly painted surfaces?
A: Paint should be fully cured. Check paint can for manufacturer's cure time. It is recommended to wait at least 30 days after painting before applying Selfie Stick It. Note that poorly prepared painted surfaces such as poor undercoat, trapped dust, grease and mould could result in the peeling of the painted surface. Always "twist" the Quik Pod Twist a quarter turn to remove, remember to never pull.

Q: How do I clean the Selfie Stick It? 
A: Use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the surface, available from pharmacies or local hardware stores.  

Q: Does Selfie Stick-It work in landscape and portrait position?

Yes it does. Just simply rotate your phone with the silicone webbing around it to your desired position. 

Q: Is it reusable?

A: Yes, it can be used thousands of times with proper cleaning and care.

Q: Does Selfie Stick-It work with wireless chargers and chargers with a cord?

A: Yes, it works with wireless chargers (SSI removes easily) and cord chargers (even when SSI is still attached).

Q: Will Selfie Stick-It work with a Popsocket also on my smartphone?

A: Yes!

Q: Can my Selfie Stick-It easily be stolen when on a wall in public?

A: A thief can more easily steal a phone from someone’s hand when trying to take a selfie.  No one holds a phone with a gorilla grip when taking a selfie.  Less likely to have someone try to steal when using SSI. In order to remove Selfie Stick-It from the wall it must be rotated, the surface hold is very aggressive and can not be pulled off easily. It uses an enhanced version of the gel used in medical EKG sensors.

Climate and Temperature

Q: Can I use Selfie Stick It in hot climates? 
A: The adhesive could soften and lose adhesion with temperatures above 40°C.

Q: What about using Selfie Stick It in cold climates?
A: You can, but it should should be applied to a clean, smooth surface when the temperature is above 10°C. 

Q: How long will the Selfie Stick It hold to a surface?
A: The length of time varies depending on the surface and temperature. For these reasons only use for a temporary hold, time enough to capture a photo or short video. No longer than 60 seconds. Our technicians have tested the Twist in many environments and have reported hours of holding power but to be cautious remove from vertical surface within 60 seconds.  For a more permanent hold the Selfie Stick It has a tab at the top to accept 3M Command strip hook #17006 available wherever 3M stips are sold.  Create photo booth stations around your house this way, hang your phone for hours or days and use as a surveillance camera, for example. It uses an enhanced version of the gel used in medical EKG sensors.

If you are unsure of the surface, test the hold first without your phone attached.  Make sure to clean the Selfie Stick It gel surface after each use.

Q: How does the Selfie Stick It attach to a bike or stroller?
A: An included, adjustable lanyard secures the Twist to the handle bar.  Great for bike share programs, an instant mount on any bike or stroller.

How long will my Selfie Stick It last? 

Selfie Stick it is reusable and washable. Please see instructions on how to clean. It can be used over and over again.

How do I clean my Selfie Stick It?
Please follow instructions on how to clean the gel properly after every 1-2 uses. 
How often should I clean my Selfie Stick It?
Since we do not know what surface you are attaching it to, please clean the gel every 1-2 uses. Please refer to instructions.
How heavy is Selfie Stick It?
Sefie Stick It is less than 1 ounce.
What can I stick my Selfie Stick it to?
Selfie Stick it attached to any surface! Just make sure to clean the gel in between uses. Note: Please do not stick to freshly painted surfaces.
How do I sync my bluetooth remote control?
Please refer to instructions. Your bluetooth remote will work with an iOs or Android smartphone. Please turn on the ON switch on the side. Turn the Bluetooth setting ON on your smartphone. Look for "FROMM." Once paired, open your camera app and you are ready to snap away!
Does Selfie Stick It work with any phone and any case?
Yes! Selfie Stick it works with all size phones and any case.
Will Selfie Stick It damage a surface?
SSI is damage-free if used properly. Please clean the gel regularly and twist off the surface to remove. Do not pull it off. 
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